10 Interesting T-Shirt Facts

T-Shirt Collar

Do you love wearing t-shirts? If you do, what is your popular style? For casual wear, t-shirts remain extremely popular. For decades, t-shirts have been the most popular item of clothing. Most teens, and many adults, have their wardrobes full of trendy or desirable t-shirts. Walk around any city and it’s not unusual to see the majority of people wearing t-shirts. Think about it, t-shirt ubiquity comes in just second after underwear (innerwear?).

Fashion enthusiasts say that what you wear defines you and reflects your moods. Most of the t-shirts worn today reflect some message which can either be intentional or not. For example, during political campaign seasons, politicians print and distribute t-shirts with their slogans or agenda. They consider them to be an excellent medium for advertising or promotion since the message relayed in being simple, precise, and clear becomes far more accessible in person.

Even though t-shirts are still not often accepted as formal work-wear, many progressive organizations allow their employees to wear them at work. Fashionistas claim that t-shirts tend to ease tension in offices unlike when people are in suits. (Suits make employees appear busy and authoritative even when they are not?)

If you are looking forward to wearing a rare, vintage and classy t-shirt, you will most probably be looking for much more stylish item compared to your run of the mill t-shirt. Vintage tees are widely sought after by many types of people, think from your old school farmers, rare groove street scene, to celebs, fashion bloggers and people like yourself.

1.  T-shirts started with their evolution out of long underwear or union suits. Basically, in the early 19th century, people started cutting union suits to turn the top part into “T-shirts” and the bottom part into “Long Johns”. Maybe the heat had something to with it? 

Through to the 1950s, t-shirts were still largely considered to be underwear until celebrities like John Wayne, James Dean and Marlon Brando shocked the world by wearing t-shirts in films and on TV.

Brando famously wore a t-shirt in his movie, A Street Car Named Desire, a move that generated a ton of controversy. However, that caused a spike in t-shirt sales and gaining popularity. Again, in his movie The Wild One, he is credited with popularizing jeans.

In the 1960s they got even more popular when rock and roll bands and professional sports teams began to print t-shirts for sale. The move further popularized them to become part of mainstream fashion. Amazingly, some of those first t-shirt prints are still popular today.

Popularity means that the t-shirts’ business is now worth over $25 billion in sales annually! The cotton industry has greatly benefited from those sales. Compared to other industries like jewelry which brings in about $7 billion and the music industry which is only at about $3 billion, you can see how embracing the t-shirt has benefited the worldwide economy. 

2.    Superlative Luxury provides the most expensive t-shirt which costs a whopping $40,000. The t-shirt is green in nature and is made using solar energy. No carbon dioxide emissions! In addition, it has a circular pattern which is complemented by 16 certified diamonds. Those diamonds largely account for making the t-shirt that expensive.

3.    T-shirts are widely used for advertising or promotion across the world.  The bottom line here though is that, in creating our unique identities, by wearing them they also help us visibly share our aesthetics, affiliations, likes, dislikes, messages, opinions, etc. with much wider audience.  They are known to help strike up new conversations!

4.    The largest t-shirt in the world was commissioned by the Qatar Petroleum Company. It is 72.2 m long, 48.7 m wide, weighs 6 tons and covers 3,516.25 square meters.

Such a big and heavy t-shirt, not even a giant could wear it! The company had it made to show their love of t-shirts. If you ever get to go to Qatar you’ll find it at the company’s headquarters.

5.    Amazingly, you can wear t-shirts for a living. Jason Sadler became a millionaire just by wearing t-shirts. Popular brands and designers have paid him millions to wear their brands.

Sadler was once quoted saying that he wears a new t-shirt every day. His business has grown and enjoyed so much success. Astonishingly, he hires additional people, or employees, to wear t-shirts with him.

Of course, at first, some people considered it all too silly but it has made him famous and a millionaire.

6.    The first promotional t-shirt is thought by some to have been produced in 1939. It was created to promote “The Wizard of OZ”.

Since then many popular brands, like Coca-Cola, have used printed t-shirts to promote their brands. The company is especially noted for having popularized its popular brand, Coke, through t-shirts.

With such a distinctive logo, the Coca Cola t-shirts are printed in a manner that you can see them from far and still recognize the brand.

7.    Statistics reveal that more than 62% of all Americans own more than 10 t-shirts. Altogether, Americans own approximately 1.5 billion t-shirts which could circle the world 34 times! What about the rest of the world? The number of t-shirts being worn across the world is estimated at just over 7 billion.

8.    Throughout the hot summer months of World War II European troops wore comfortable lightweight t-shirts. Since that time, their practicality and cost has meant that t-shirts have become standardized issue for military personnel across the world.

9.    Currently, China and India are the largest producers of cotton used in t-shirt manufacture across the world. Most of the cotton produced in those countries is channeled to produce t-shirts because the demand for higher quality t-shirts has increasingly been on the rise. Both countries are believed to produce nearly 60 million bales of cotton annually.

10.     www.rareandvintage.com is the most popular place on the internet today to find and buy rare, vintage and, occasionally, classic retro t-shirts.  Go on, treat yourself or, better yet, surprise someone. 

If not now, bookmark it to come back at another time as there’s always something unique coming on that you’d hardly ever find anywhere else.

That’s all folks !!!

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